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A place of care

As a physiotherapist specialising in unresolved injures and persistent pain I would love to hear what ‘a place of care’ means to you – how the term makes you feel and what visions, stories or words it conjures up.

I was tasked with writing for five minutes on this topic when I attended a workshop on ‘narrative medicine’ this morning held by ‘Le Pub Scientifique’ a fabulous bunch of physiotherapists, osteopaths and other healthcare professionals with a special interest in persistent pain.

When I wrote it I had no intention on sharing it on social media but I thought it might be a good way of opening up the topic for discussion, so please do let me know your thoughts and how you’d define ‘a place of care.’ I chose ‘My treatment room’ but there could be many many different integrations. It feels quite vulnerable (not least because I’d the bad grammar) and self indulgent to do this but here goes…

My treatment room

A place where people come for answers. They are vulnerable and want to feel safe. A place that is calm and supportive and where relationships are built on trust and understanding. Where fear subsides, confidence grows and hope is nurtured. A treatment room could hold bad memories and therefore start as a place of fear or confusion but soon becomes a place of safety and connection. My treatment room holds laughter and tears because emotion is given space to be accepted. It is a place where I feel calm. It feels like the place I should be, where things makes sense in an otherwise confusing world.

Please do share your thoughts and feelings, I’ll be really interested to hear from you.

All the best,

Lucy Macdonald


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