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I am behind schedule in my training, what should I do? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


What should I do if I get behind on my training?

Something will get in the way of your training at some point. Unless you are a professional athlete you are likely to have a job and other responsibilities in your life, like family or other dependants. You are also human, and therefore your motivation might wane for periods of time or you might get ill and need to rest.


What should I do when I return to running?

When you return to running, the worst thing you could do is go straight back to where you had planned to be had you not taken any time off.

If you have been off for a week or less, then go back to where you left off but stay within your comfort zone for the first 2-3 runs before building up again. If you have been off for longer than this, you will have lost significant fitness, so you will have to go back a few weeks.

This will probably mean that you will not reach the same distance that you had hoped to before the marathon and this is something that the sooner you accept the sooner you can continue to enjoy your marathon journey. You will still run the marathon, you may even still make the time you wanted.


Need advice?

If you are injured, are in pain, would like training advice or need reassurance on whether you are going to be able to complete the marathon or want to know if your target time is achievable, then get in touch with Lucy and her physio team.


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