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How to prevent pain when skiing

How to improve your technique and prevent pain when skiing

Please read the ‘Skiing‘ tab before reading the following.Apart from injuries resulting in a fall (please see preventing ski injuriesfor more information) the most common pains that stop people enjoying or being able to ski are in the knees, back, ankles or feet.There are a number of biomechanical factors that can cause these pains, which can be addressed by correcting your alignment with some specific exercises.Please scroll down within this section above or click on the links to learn how to reduce your risk of experiencing pain by addressing these things.By improving the biomechanics of the way you ski you can enhance your performance, whether that means enabling you to maintain control through a fast carve turn, stay balanced over the centre of your skis when off piste or cope with the rapid changes of your centre of gravity when on cruddy ice.Please note that the alignment exercises can be found in Lucy’s Bodytech Ski DVD, a clip of which is shown above. Please click on the following link to buy it on the Ski Club of Great Britain website.
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