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Do I need to warm up? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


Can warming up reduce the risk of injury?

Although it is important not to do static stretching before running, warming up can reduce the risk of injury.


How do I warm up and how long for?

Start with a brisk walk and then build up to your normal pace. The colder it is and the longer you have been immobile before you start your run (for example if you are running first thing in the morning) the longer you need to warm up but about 5-10 minutes is a good guide.


How can I warm up more on a cold day?

If it is a particularly cold day or you are feeling a bit stiff, you can bring your body temperature up more quickly by lifting your legs in front of you, then behind you as well as swinging your arms above your head. However, take it easy, you don’t want to sustain an injury with an overzealous warm up. Starting with small movements and build up slowly to bigger ones.


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