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Consultants and GPs: Choose the best physio plan for your patient.

Convenient locations in the City and Westminster, covered by all insurance companies, same day and out of office hours appointments, over 100 five star google reviews, discounted Physio Packages, highly regarded for successfully treating where others have failed, excellent facilities, communication and admin cover.


Our Physio Packages

Our discounted Physio Packages make it easier for you to advise your patients what physio they need to recover and encourage them to commit to their full rehab programme.

From ACL rehabbers right through to chronic back pain patients you know that your patients will take a minimal number of sessions to get better and that they like to have a plan. These packages work brilliantly in these situations.    

  • Bronze Package – 10% off  – £27o for 4 sessions. Includes the initial consultation with a letter detailing assessment findings, diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Silver Package – 15% off  – more than ONE session completely free – £430 for 7 sessions. Includes the initial consultation and a letter detailing assessment findings, diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Gold Package – 20% off – more than TWO free sessions – £680 for 12 sessions. Includes the initial consultation with a letter detailing assessment findings, diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Platinum Package – 25% off – almost FIVE free sessions – £1000 for 19 sessions. Includes the initial consultation with a letter detailing assessment findings, diagnosis and treatment plan.

There are no time limits and any credit left over can be used on any of our other services including massage, Pilates, work station assessments, running coaching, cycling/bike performance sessions, skiing assessments or return to sport screening sessions.

Don’t forget you can point your patients in the direction of our over one hundred independent five star google reviews as well as our contributions to national media. There’s also lots of free advice and exercise videos on this website to get them started or they email us info@octopusclinic.com or call us for free physio advice on 02075838288.


Insurance, Appointments and Locations


We are registered with all medical insurance companies, including AxaPPP and Bupa. Appointments are available for the same or following day and in­clude early morning and evening times. We have clinics in Blackfriars and Fleet Street – please see the map below of our locations.


Clinical Excellence

We recently wrote a blog called ‘

Our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths take pride in being top of their field and have a number of joint specific and sports specialisms – see our team pages for an easy ‘find and expert’ search tool. 

We successfully treat complex or chronic conditions, many of which have been unsuccessfully treated elsewhere.

We provide free online physio exercise videos for patients and give out joint specific and sports specific leaflets to guide and empower your patients. 

We alleviate pain rapidly; treating the cause for long-lasting relief so that normal activity is resumed as quickly and safely as possible.

Post-op we work closely with you to achieve the precise balance between protecting vulnerable structures and guiding the patient to return safely to normal activity.

We treat everyone from sedentary workers to professional sports people, including a plethora of elite athletes such as professional rugby players, hockey players, footballers, runners, members of GB powerlifting and members of the GB ski team. Members of our team also worked at the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics Games.

We teach Physiotherapists and Osteopaths in clinics and Universities in the UK and abroad and contribute to a large array of National and Local media.


Specialist Physiotherapists and Osteopaths


We have specialist Physiotherapists and Osteopaths and have a specialism filter on the main team page so that you can easily identify them.

These include: Spinal Specialists, Knee Specialists, Hip specialists, Shoulder Specialists, Foot and Ankle Specialists, Chronic and Complex Pain Specialists, a Vestibular Specialist and a number of specialists in specific sports. 


Evidence-Based Practice


Our approach is underpinned by evidence-based practice and robust clinical reasoning. We thoroughly address everything that needs treating to resolve the problem fully. At Octopus we believe advanced clinical reasoning should be standard in all clinics and insist on it with our practitioners. We hold integrity and honesty as key to everything we do and our patients immediately recognise the confidence we have in our own skills, knowledge, experience and proven track record. We publish the results of our clinical audits which include Patient Satisfaction Surveys, the Numerical Pain Rating Scale and the Outcome Measure the Patient Specific Functional Scale, which measures treatment efficacy, at regular intervals throughout treatment and at six months post treatment.


Our Ethos


Our clinicians are chosen because they genuinely care about their patients and our professional codes of conduct are en­grained. For all of us at Octopus our profession is a lot more than a job: its a part of our identity. All patient information is kept confidential, which is partly why we are popular with celebrities and those in the public eye.


CPD and the Octopus Network


We arrange CPD and other events with Consultants and Specialist Physiotherapists and Osteopaths. We are creating a network of specialists in specific areas, so that we can arrange CPD events to share knowledge and ultimately raise the standards of care in our professions for the benefit of patients.

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