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Post-Operative Knee

Please read how the knee works before reading the following.

Of all the operations we recommend for patients, or of all the operations that bring patients our way, the knee is probably the most common. This is no surprise as it takes a lot of strain in sports and everyday life, is vulnerable to injury and is commonly misaligned due to poor hip or foot posture.

We always work closely with your Orthopaedic Consultant to ensure that you can make the most of your surgery and achieve your goals after it. Guidance and exercises “pre-op” really help to improve your chances of a quicker recovery after your surgery.

Post-surgery, there is a fine balance between ensuring rest, avoiding certain movements or positions to prevent damage to vulnerable structures and simultaneously making sure the correct movements are made at the right time to prevent contractures, secondary complications and substandard recovery. Working closely with your consultant, physio or osteo who know where this balance lies and can confidently lead you on your path to full recovery is essential.

It is very important that you understand the reasoning behind predicted timescales of return to training, and factors that will affect this. We will make sure to give you as much advice as we can to help you achieve a smooth return to activity and achieve your goals, in as little time as possible, without cutting corners.

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