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Lateral Ankle Sprain

Please read how the foot and ankle work before reading the following.

The most common ankle sprain is of the outside of the ankle – twisting it on an uneven surface or with a sudden turn or fall during sport (or in the pub!) This results in sudden pain in the outside of the ankle, swelling, increased temperature and, if severe, difficulty weight bearing.

The symptoms can be confused with a bony break or fracture so you MUST see an Osteopath, Physiotherapist or Doctor who will decide if you need an X-ray. If in doubt, do not put any weight on it until you have had it X-rayed or you could do more damage.The best way of preventing a lateral ankle ligament sprain is to train your proprioception which is your body’s positional sense. There is lots of research to suggest that training proprioception can reduce the risk of injury. When you sprain your ankle proprioception is reduced and the following exercise is therefore an essential part of rehab. However, it must only be commenced when pain and swelling have completely gone and under the guidance of your Physiotherapist or Osteopath.

Click here to learn how to train proprioception.

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