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Can a physio help my injury at this stage of the game? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


Can a physio help me at this stage?

Yes, even less than two months before the marathon an experienced running physio can do a lot to make sure you get to that start line and complete your marathon.


How can a physio help me at this stage?

This may include making changes to your training schedule, modifying the way you are running, advising you to have massage or acupuncture, giving you exercises and advising on other things like nutrition and recovery.



Get in touch with Lucy and her physio team to find out how they can help you whether you are seeing a physio for the first time or you are seeking a second opinion.

Here are some testimonials to inspire you at this stage:

I came to the clinic with a suspected calf tear, about 6 weeks before the 2018 London Marathon. I saw Mark and was amazed how quickly he zeroed in on the exact issue and worked out a course of action to mobilise my ankle – the underlying cause of the trouble I had been having. The exercises and coaching tips he gave me were entirely responsible for me arriving on the start line of the marathon as planned and completing the course. I recommend the Mark and the clinic 100% and have referred a number of friends, who have had similarly positive experiences too. A. Coffin


Lucy has been instrumental in my return to full fitness running in preparation for London Marathon. After suffering with knee problems for around 9 months and seeking advice from 2 other Physios I saw no improvement. Lucy took a holistic approach considering not just my posture and running style but also my diet and lifestyle. With mainly advice on things to correct rather than hands on manipulation Lucy was able to correct the source of the issue rather than just administer short term pain relief. I could instantly feel the results from my change running style and quickly was able to up the weekly distance. I could not recommend any more highly how helpful she has been, also being flexible on appointments with work commitments. L. Templar


The Octopus team are quite simply my go-to therapy folk experts! As a Consultant in Sport and Exercise Medicine, I love to make it my business to know who the best therapists in London are! They have helped each and every one of my patients swiftly back to recovery, because they really understand good movement, function, and getting the importance of getting back to being active. Plus, they are simply gorgeous people! I can’t recommend them enough! Dr C. Spenser-Smith


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