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Are you in pain? Are you injured? Read these five star reviews from people like you who have had Physiotherapy or Osteopathy with Octopus Clinic


Our latest five-star google reviews (there’s 150 in total!)

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet but we are really grateful when others do it for us.

Below are our most recent five-star reviews, if you would like to read more then please check out google maps to read one hundred and fifty more.  If you are not sure who you should see you can use our useful, find your perfect physiotherapist or osteopath tool or you can read this article all about the specialist physiotherapists and osteopaths in the Octopus Clinic team.

Or simply email us info@octopusclinic.com or call us on 02075828288 and we can point you in the right direction. 


Back pain. Kind, helpful and innovative

I could not recommend the Octopus clinic more. The practitioners are kind, helpful and innovative, enabling me to make incredible progress after over two years of back pain. They were able to help when no one else could.


Knee pain was gone in three sessions

My experience has been positive in every way, I came in with a very painful knee and from the very first session with Claudia, it improved dramatically. It took me only 3 more sessions to get rid of the pain completely, between the treatment and the exercises she recommended my knee is back to normal.
She’s a very competent professional with people skills. I would recommend her without a doubt.

Shoulder injury. Professional, thorough

I saw Marni to check my shoulder following a bicycle accident. I was very impressed by her professional manner and thorough assessment of my injury. I would recommend Marni and the team at Octopus without hesitation.


Hamstring injury. Knowledgeable, personable

Joe was excellent in treating my grade 2 hamstring injury. Very knowledgeable, personable and great chat. 30mins sessions whizzed by. And importantly my leg was back to normal in good time with good instruction along the way


Sports injuries and work pains

Very professional, really helpful staff who are good fun. Have used a lot for sports injuries and work pains.

Alleviate knee pain

An excellent clinic. Claudia helped to identify and alleviate pain in my knees, and in the process showed me a number of other misalignments which might lead to other problems. Very good care throughout.

First class, responsive, efficient and caring

A first class responsive efficient and caring service; Hilary is excellent; highly recommended.

Back pain. Incredible clinic

Octopus Blackfriars is an incredible clinic. I came here with a very sharp pain in my lower back which prevented me from bending forward, sitting, and lying down without pain. The only time it didn’t hurt was when I was standing (10/10 pain. Literally debilitating. Happened while lifting a very heavy suitcase up a narrow flight of stairs which was a bad idea to start with). I came in to see Anna Aydinc after visiting a chiropractor for three sessions to no avail. I knew then that it must be a muscular issue and not a spinal one. Within ONE session (read: less than 10min of Anna evaluating me), she was able to identify and isolate the exact ligament that was causing me pain. She then designed exercise and strength training programs to ensure that I could heal as quickly as possible. The estimated time frame for healing was 4-6 weeks; with Anna’s advice and plan, I was able to heal and bend forward within one week. Pain reduced from what I saw as 10/10 to about a 6/10. A massive reduction in pain and massive growth in mobility (I could tie my shoes without so much pain which was fabulous!). Anna then kept seeing me and we identified other areas that needed help. I can confidently say though that in less than a month I was brought back to 100% mobility, all with Anna’s training. She is incredible at her job and her knowledge of the human muscular system is unlike any other osteopath I’ve ever known. I highly, highly recommend and would come back in a flash if I had a new injury. Thanks so much for your help, Anna! You’re fantastic at what you do! 

Glute pain. Helped enormously

I had a real problem with my glute & booked an appointment at Blackfriars because it was near work. Lucky for me I was given Joe for my appointment & he was really good. He asked lots of questions & went to work on me for a full hour. I saw Joe six times & he gave me exercises to do between visits which were spot on & helped enormously.

Running injury

I damaged my calf four weeks before an important run. Joe worked hard to help fix it, working over it for the full half hour and gave me good advice and exercises to help recovery at home. Thanks Joe!

Relieved pain, well located, friendly

Excellent Clinic, well located and friendly staff who provide an excellent Service. Anna from the clinic has been working on my back which has produced excellent results and relieved the pain.


Excellent advice and stretching routine from Claudia following an ankle sprain – in opposition to my GP’s advice to immobilise my ankle, which was very unhelpful.

Marathon training running injury 

I came to the clinic with a suspected calf tear, about 6 weeks before the 2018 London Marathon. I saw Mark and was amazed how quickly he zeroed in on the exact issue and worked out a course of action to mobilise my ankle – the underlying cause of the trouble I had been having. The exercises and coaching tips he gave me were entirely responsible for me arriving on the start line of the marathon as planned and completing the course. I recommend the Mark and the clinic 100% and have referred a number of friends, who have had similarly positive experiences too.

If you are in pain or injured and are not sure who you should see you can use our useful, find your perfect physiotherapist or osteopath tool or you can read this article all about the specialist physiotherapists and osteopaths in the Octopus Clinic team.

Or simply book online, email us at info@octopusclinic.com or call us on 02075828288 and we will point you in the right direction. 

We look forward to meeting you. 

The Octopus Clinic team. 

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