Ski Fitness, How to get fit for the Slopes


In this article, published in the Telegraph, Snow Sports Specialist Physiotherapist Lucy Macdonald discusses how to get fit for the slopes. Doing some simple preparation in the weeks leading up to a ski trip and doing exercises whilst on your holiday can help improve your ski performance and help avoid strains and aching joints.

However, it’s worth noting that if you experience any form of discomfort or pain during any of the following exercises, stop the exercise and see a physiotherapist for help


Lucy covers 6 Key areas: 

  1. Biomechanics

  2. Weight distribution

  3. Strength and Power

  4. Proprioception

  5. Cardiovascular Fitness

  6. Flexibility 


Click on the link below to read the full text. And get in contact today to book in a ski or snowboard assessment with one of our Specialist Snow Sport Physiotherapists

Ski fitness: how to get fit for the slopes


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