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Stretching and Flexibility – Dr Catherine Spenser Smith Interviews Physiotherapist Rebecca Van Klinken


In this fantastic interview Rebecca Van Klinken answers Dr Cath Spenser-Smith’s questions putting to bed myths and revealing truths about stretching, flexibility, clams, trends and fads, gluts muscles and more! Check out this link to read the full interview.

Stretching and flexibility – what your physio wishes you knew!


We have lots of information on our website on stretching and flexibility as well as other ways of staying fit and strong at work and home as well as your training environment. If you are injured check out the useful information resources on common injuries and how to treat them as well as our other blogs on a wide variety of useful topics including clicking joints, back pain to running. Use our handy search tool within the news and media section to find the things you are interested in.

Make sure you check out our exercise and stretching video library where there are around one hundred FREE physio exercise videos that will show you how to make sure you are doing your exercises and stretches correctly. 

Rebecca Van Klinken

Chartered Physiotherapist

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