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25 – Lower Limb Alignment: Running Man


Continuing on with our lower limb alignment series for knee pain, this is the Running Man.  If you are a...

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Video: blister management, foam rolling, stretches and post-marathon recovery


  What should I be doing to recover from my marathon?In this video, physiotherapist Lucy Macdonald explains what you can...

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Shirley Howman


When I first met Lucy at a London Marathon training day, I had had a Haglund's bump for some time,...

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I have done nowhere near 26 miles how am I going to manage it on the day? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


  Should I be worried if I have not yet ran 26 miles? Try not to worry, you don’t need...

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When should I go back to running after being injured? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


  Should I stop running if I am injured? Lucy and her physio team will go out of their way...

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I have a running injury, will I be able to run the marathon. With three months to go, marathon physio Lucy Macdonald answers this important question.


  Physical and Mental Health The end of January marks a time when your physical and mental health may be...

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Your Marathon Your Physio: Should I Use Ice or Heat On My Running Injury?


  How do I know when to use ice or heat on my injury? In this video Marathon Physio, Lucy...

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Your Marathon Your Physio: Running Shoes


  In this video, your marathon team physio, Lucy Macdonald, answers all your running shoe related questions. She covers what...

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What running shoes should I buy? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


  How many pairs of running shoes do I need? This is the one piece of kit you should invest...

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Is your running training stressing you out? By Physiotherapist Claudia Cocci Grifoni


  Mind over matter Your relationship with your running training relies on two distinctive important parts: your emotions and your...

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Video: What you can do if you are injured or in pain four weeks before the marathon. Running physio.


For those of you with running injuries there is still time for recovery even if you are running the London...

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Fed up with your ITB knee pain not getting better? Here’s where you are going wrong. By running physio.


ITB pain, or pain at the outer side of the knee, is one of the most common injuries in running...

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Marathon Specialist Physio: Running Injury Q and A


Get free advice from running specialist physio   As marathon physio is one of my specialisms I am busy spending...

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Runners: Optimise Performance, Train Effectively and Prevent Injuries with Specialist Physiotherapist


Our Specialist Running Physiotherapist reveals the common techniques and training faults that cause injury and restrict performance. For the free...

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Cyclists: why a physio bike assessment would help your performance and recovery


  Would you benefit from a physio bike assessment?   You may benefit from a cycling assessment if you:- are...

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Running, Cycling and Snowsports Assessments


Running Assessments In these one our sessions our specialist running Physiotherapists use video analysis and feedback, drills and exercises to...

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Five expert physiotherapy tips on running/ marathon recovery


As a physiotherapist it feels good to prevent injuries rather than just diagnose and treat them. Over the years of treating hundreds, if...

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Running tunes


Here's a bit of fun from Octopus' favourite running tunes. Please feel free to email us your additions! You are...

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  Rest is overrated We know that most injuries do not need resting and that most of them benefit from...

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86: Best Exercises and Stretches for Runners: Technique, Strength, Flexibility and Stability


In the video below, running physio Lucy Macdonald shows you the best exercises for running including how to activate your...

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Best exercises and stretches for knee arthritis or knee pain, stiffness and/or swelling


  Do you have knee pain, knee arthritis or knee 'OA'? An extremely common cause of knee pain is osteoarthritis...

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Sam Robinson


Lucy is helping our charity for the London marathon and she’s really helped me out with 2 issues, firstly my...

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Exercises for your Immune system: Video by Physiotherapist Lucy Macdonald


  How to train, what exercises to do and why? How much exercise should you be doing, what specific stretches...

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Foot pain in runners. Plantarfasciopathy AKA Plantarfascitis. Your Marathon, Your Physio


  Physio exercise video for foot pain running injury  In this video below your team running physio shows you an...

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Your Marathon Your Physio: Marathon Training Diary


  In this video, your marathon team physio, Lucy Macdonald, explains how to create a training diary for your marathon,...

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Your Marathon, Your Physio: Your Handbook for the Marathon


  Do you worry about getting injured? Do you question if you’ll hit your time target? Are you concerned that...

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Supporting Your Charity Runners


  Save thousands of pounds in lost revenue whilst building a highly motivated team We understand from over a decade...

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Exercise Video Index


Here are a list of our exercise videos in numbered order. If you'd like to view the exercises by clinical...

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29 – Lower Limb Alignment: Pronation Of The Foot


The right foot movements while walking and especially running can be hard to master. But they are very important for...

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28 – Lower Limb Alignment: Hopping Alignment


For the 4th stage in the Running Man series we work on hopping! Make sure you've worked through exercises #25...

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27 – Lower Limb Alignment: Jumping Alignment


This is the 3rd exercise in the Running Man Series. Make sure you have your Running man and landing alignment...

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26 – Lower Limb Alignment: Landing Alignment


Improve your running technique with this progression of the Running Man. Make sure you've got your alignment correct from the...

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Knee pain in runners – what causes it and what is the best treatment for it?


  As a physiotherapist I am often asked 'what is causing my knee pain and what can I do about it?' A huge...

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Restoring Hope – Testimonials


We have put together some testimonials that should restore hope for recovery, hope that you are able to get back...

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Unresolved Injury Clinic – Restoring Hope


Do you, a colleague, or a loved one have an unresolved injury or persistent pain that is having an effect...

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Should I see an NHS physiotherapist or a private physio near me? Who’s the best physio out there?


Before I answer that question head on, I’d like to dispel a few myths about that makes someone ‘the best...

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Osteopath or Physiotherapist?


Osteopaths click your joints and physiotherapists give exercises and sports massage… right?! Whilst this may be true of some osteopaths...

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Runners: Is stretching a waste of time?! What can you do instead to prevent injury/pain/stiffness?


As a running physio the most common question I get asked by runners is what are the best stretches to...

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Return to Work Health and Fitness Perks


Get your team back to working together happily and healthily with our health and fitness perks. We have over 300...

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Buttock or hamstring pain in runners: video explaining the causes and what you can do to recover


  Is it your hamstring muscle, hamstring tendon, or something completely different? There are many causes of buttock or hamstring...

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Video: exercises you can use to relieve jaw, face, neck or eye pain caused by the TMJ


  Is your jaw pain or clicking, neck pain or face pain caused by the TMJ and how can you...

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Emily Battey


Excellent physio clinic; they have been very professional, patient and kind when working with me to rehab what has felt...

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Megan Hutchison


I cannot recommend Octopus enough both in the clinic and on video calls. I first went to Octopus clinic after...

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Octopus Clinic Marathon Handbook


  Your Marathon Training Guide Do you want to know all the latest information on how to run a marathon...

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Christmas Elf and Fitness Advice from The Octopus Clinic Team


  Want to stay healthy this Christmas? We have put together these top three tips to keep you healthy during the festive...

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Video: neurosurgeon and physio discuss what causes neck pain


  What is causing your neck pain and what can you do about it? In this video Physiotherapist, Lucy Macdonald...

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Virtual Physio


  'Highly Effective, Time-Efficient, and Exceptional Value' You are not alone in wondering how physio video consultations work but once...

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Video: how to treat back pain yourself


  Are you experiencing back pain? In this video, physiotherapist Lucy Macdonald shares her physio expertise on back pain in...

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Video: the best exercises for elbow pain


  Best exercises for elbow pain In this video, physiotherapist Lucy Macdonald explains what is causing your tennis elbow, elbow...

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Tee Barnes


This time last year I could barely get out of bed and move without pain killers and I was planning...

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Maxine Chadderton


I suffered for almost a year with Achillies problems.. saw physios, podiatrist, osteopaths, soft tissue therapists and had shock therapy.....

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Do you or one of your loved ones have neck pain? Here’s some physio exercise videos to help.


  How to relieve neck pain (with or without radiating symptoms into your shoulder, arm or hand) If you or...

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Should I run the marathon if I am injured? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


  Can I run the marathon if I am injured? The most important thing is for you to understand the...

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Video on breathing exercises for you, your friends and family by Physiotherapist Lucy Macdonald


  Focus on breathing out, not in If you or your family have any coronavirus symptoms or would like to...

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Can a physio help my injury at this stage of the game? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


  Can a physio help me at this stage? Yes, even less than two months before the marathon an experienced...

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What should I eat and drink on long runs? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


  What should I eat and drink before my run? Make sure you are hydrated and have eaten well for...

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When should I see a Physiotherapist, GP, massage therapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor, sports therapist or acupuncturist? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


  Physiotherapist If you are injured or want short and long-term pain relief, see a Physiotherapist who has a specialism...

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I am behind schedule in my training, what should I do? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


  What should I do if I get behind on my training? Something will get in the way of your...

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Top static stretches for runners by Lucy Macdonald, Your Marathon Physio


  What to stretch if stretched for time? The answer to this is what ever feels tightest! Everyone is different...

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Video: What is good pain and what is bad pain? What pain can you run through? What pain should you get checked out? By Lucy Macdonald, Your Marathon Physio


  To train or not to train that is the question We all know that training for a marathon or...

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When should I get a second opinion from another physiotherapist? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


  When should I get a second opinion? If any of the following apply to you then it is worth...

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How can resting my injury cause more harm than good? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


  When is complete rest advisable? Complete rest is rarely advisable. The only case in which complete rest is essential...

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How do I know if I am seeing the right Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor and if I should get a second opinion? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


  How do I know if I am seeing the right Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor?   All professions have those that...

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Do back supports, knee braces, ‘skins’ or other gadgets help? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


  Back supports Back supports can be great if you are wearing them for a couple of days during a...

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How does stress and sleep affect my risk of injury and illness? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


  Does sleep affect my risk of injury and illness? If you don’t sleep or rest enough your immune system...

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Your Marathon, Your Experts. Training and Injury Prevention Event


By Octopus Clinic Physio, Sportsdoc London, RunningWithUs, Up & Running Fleet Street And Polar Find out how to train efficiently...

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What other exercises should I be doing? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


  What other exercises should I be doing? Use the free online exercise videos you can find in the videos...

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What should I be eating? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


  Calorie input Get your calorie input right – too many calories and you will put on fat and too...

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How should I use intervals? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


  Is interval training suitable for me? Interval training is not suitable for anyone who has heart problems or other...

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What can I do to motivate myself? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


  Create positive mantras Write down your commitment on a paper and stick it up on the wall so you...

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Introducing Your Marathon Physio: Lucy Macdonald


  Your marathon team physio, Lucy Macdonald shares how you can make the most of her support over the next...

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Physiotherapy for a sprained ankle by sports physio Joe Badham: exercises, stretches and advice


  Sprained ankle So you have gone over on your ankle? You are not alone. A sprained ankle, or lateral...

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Chafing and blisters: tips on how to avoid them and treat them by marathon physios


  Pooling our marathon experience Ouchy ouchy ouch, blisters and chafing can ruin a decent training session like nothing else. I...

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Why could resting your injury be making it worse?


  Myths and truths As a physiotherapist with a specialism in marathon running injuries I’m consistently dismayed at the number...

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Put a name to a face – the Physiotherapists and Osteopaths of Octopus Clinic


  The Octopus Clinic Team Physiotherapist and Osteopath Specialisms Don't want to be in pain anymore? Want to make sure...

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Is your problem our specialism? Our physios and osteopaths describe their perfect patient…


  Do you want to make sure your problem is treated by the Physiotherapist or Osteopath who is right for...

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Are you in pain? Are you injured? Read these five star reviews from people like you who have had Physiotherapy or Osteopathy with Octopus Clinic


  Our latest five-star google reviews (there's 150 in total!) We don't like to blow our own trumpet but we...

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Affordable Group Membership Package: Don’t allow productivity to suffer due to pain and illness


  How many people in your workforce have missed workdays as a result of preventative injuries like back pain or...

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Discounted Physio Packages. Fed up with being in pain and just want to get it sorted?


  Don’t want to waste your time or money seeing anyone but the best? Our new Physio Packages could be...

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Let it be a dance we do. The dancing physiotherapist explains why, how and what dancing you should do.


  Why dance? I like to dance. It feels good, it is good and this is is why.  Dancing is...

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How to Shake it like a Polaroid Picture: A Physio’s Secret


  A physio’s secret There are lots of things I know as a result of being a Physiotherapist that are...

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I like to move it move it – physiotherapy made simple


  To move or not to move, that is not the question As a physiotherapist I thrive on learning more...

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Tendon problems – why yours is not getting better


  What gets tendons better and what doesn't  As a Physiotherapist I treat thousands of tendon problems including pain in...

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Good physio vs bad physio: how you can tell


  'Physio failed' My heart sinks and I want to whisk them straight into my physio consultation room so I...

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Life of a Sports Physio: Team England Commonwealth Games 


  Sports Physiotherapist for Team England at the Commonwealth Games Over the past 8 years I have had the pleasure...

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The Myth of Women’s Specific Bikes . By cycling specialist physio.


  What is wrong with women-specific bikes   Recent thinking is that the term “Women’s Specific Geometry” is a bit...

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Cyclists: Identify your weaknesses in the off-season. By cycling specialist physio


  Why wait until you are injured?   Winter is a good chance to work on any underlying issues you...

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Prevent and Treat Your Knee Pain: Free Physio Advice and Exercise videos


Get rid of your knee pain with exercises and advice from our Knee Specialist Physiotherapist, even if treatment has failed...

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Prevent and Treat Neck Pain and Headaches: Physio Advice and Exercise Videos


Get rid of your neck pain and headaches with exercises and advice from our Spinal Specialist Physiotherapist and Osteopath, even...

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Prevent and Treat Hip and Groin Pain: Physio Advice and Exercise Videos


  Get rid of your hip and groin pain with exercises and advice from our hip and groin Specialist Physiotherapist,...

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Free Online Physio Exercise Videos: Learn to train and stretch correctly with a Specialist Physiotherapist


The eighty-seven videos include exercises for the treatment and prevention of back pain, knee pain, sports injuries and work-related pain....

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Cyclists: Why you need ‘longer’ hamstrings and how to get them. Essential knowledge from Cycling Specialist Physiotherapist


  Definition of hamstrings 'length'   Before I delve into this topic, let me clear up something first… when I...

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Five Injury Busting Triathlon Tips from Specialist Physiotherapist


  Triathlon Physiotherapist I have been a Physiotherapist since 2005 and have been competing in Triathlons for the GB Age...

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Specialist Physio’s Guide on Getting Back to Sport Whilst Dodging the Physio Clinic!


  A physio telling you how to avoid the physio clinic? Believe it or not I would rather people did...

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BodyTech Ski Video clip: Fore-aft body alignment


This video clip by our Specialist Ski and Snowboarding Physiotherapist will help your ski technique for improved performance and injury...

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BodytechSki Video clip: How to correct your knee alignment


  In this video Specialist Ski and Snowboarding Physiotherapist Lucy Macdonald discusses how to correct your knee alignment. Watch this to...

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Our Values


Our Values It is not just the qualifications, years and quality of experience, evidence based practice and clinical excellence that...

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72 – Balance And Proprioception: Wobble Board, Rubber Disc


This exercise is the 3rd in this balance and proprioception series. Make sure you've worked through the previous 2 versions...

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It’s all in the mind. Musings on motivation.


A friend wants me to help him plan his training for the London Marathon in April 2017. Said I would...

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Supplements vs food. Really?!


Firstly, let me put this out there, I am a self-confessed foodie physio. I will happily scrimp and save on...

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I will never give up on you.


As a physiotherapist I see loads of patients who have seen physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, doctors, had injections and surgery and...

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Marathon physiotherapist blog series: Training myth busters


Over the past fifteen years of my physiotherapy experience I have seen far too many runners coming in to see me...

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Anthony Adesanmi


If you have a running injury or are a classic ‘weekend warrior' (you know who you are!) with a sports...

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Presentations and Webinars


Our specialist Physiotherapists deliver presentations on how to stay pain free and healthy at work and our Sports Physiotherapists provide...

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Sports Physio


We have Physiotherapists who are specialists in particular sports including running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, athletics, skiing and snowboarding, dance, martial...

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Lucy Matthews


Octopus Clinic was recommended to me by a friend who had been going to Hazel for many years. I started...

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Sacroiliac Joint ‘SIJ’


Problems in the joint that joins your spine to your pelvis are still hotly debated in the physio, osteo and...

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Claudia Cocci-Grifoni


If you have a gym or running injury or you have persistent or chronic pain then Claudia's thorough approach to...

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Lucy Macdonald


Reputation   Lucy Macdonald has developed an excellent reputation over the past twenty years for successfully treating injuries that have...

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Hip & Groin


Unfortunately hands on treatment for the hip and groin can often be sparse or non existent or, on the other...

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Consultants and GPs: Choose the best physio plan for your patient.


  Our Physio Packages Our discounted Physio Packages make it easier for you to advise your patients what physio they...

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