Your Marathon: Everything you need to know by Specialist Physiotherapist


Do you worry about getting injured? Do you question if you’ll hit your time target? Are you concerned that you will let people down if you can’t complete your marathon? Do you know how to prevent injury? Are you ever anxious about fitting in all the training?


This month by month guide by Lucy Macdonald, Specialist Physiotherapist, gives you all the knowledge you need to take control of your training, prevent pain and injury, make your training time efficient, get rid of your fears and give you the confidence to fulfill your potential.

After twenty years of experience enabling thousands of runners like you to accomplish marathons, train optimally and achieve their goals, Lucy Macdonald and the Octopus Clinic team are here for you. They provide online clinics specialising in giving second opinions so if you can’t make it into Central London to see them you can still benefit from their expertise. The online consultation includes a written diagnosis and treatment plan focused on your goals, provision of exercises and technique modifications, analysis of your training programme and recommendations for hands-on treatment if needed.


Email and she will email you the guide which covers the following essentials:


Seven months to go


What running shoes should I buy? 

Is there any truth in ‘no pain no gain?

What can I do now to motivate myself over the next six months?

Should I get old injuries checked out now?


Six months to go


What are the three most important things about a running programme?

What distance should I be aiming for every week?

How should I use intervals?

What should I be eating?

When do I need to see a running physio or running coach?


Five months to go


What stretches should I be doing?

What other exercises should I be doing?

Do I need to warm up?

Should I be taking protein or other supplements?

How does stress and sleep affect my risk of injury and illness?

Do back supports, knee braces, ‘skins’ or other gadgets work?

How do I know if I am seeing a decent Physiotherapist, Osteopath or Chiropractor?


Four months to go


How can resting my injury cause more harm than good?

How do I know if I am over-training?

Should I be doing Pilates, Yoga, swimming or other types of exercise?

Should I use ice or heat if I am injured or in pain?

What injuries can I run through and which ones should I get checked out?

When should I get a second opinion from another physiotherapist?


Three months to go


Should I worry about clicking joints?

Could stretching be making my pain or injury worse, even if it feels good?

I am behind schedule in my training, what should I do?

When should I go back to running after being injured? 

When should I see a Physiotherapist, GP, massage therapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor, sports therapist or acupuncturist?


Two months to go


What should I eat and drink on long runs?

Can a physio help my injury at this stage of the game?

I have done no-where near 26 miles how am I going to manage it on the day?

What is carb loading?


One month to go


Should I run the marathon if I am injured?

Do I have to taper?

What physio or medical input can help me at this stage?

Can I take painkillers or anti-inflammatories and run the marathon?

Can you give me any last-minute tips for completing the marathon?


Get in touch

Email now or call 07769653715 and she will send you Your Marathon: Everything You Need To Know


Lucy and her team provide online clinics specialising in giving second opinions and providing affordable physio packages so if you can’t make it into Central London to see them you can still benefit from their expertise. The online consultation includes a written diagnosis and treatment plan focused on your goals, video exercises, technique modifications and recommendations for hands-on treatment if needed.

They are covered by all medical insurance companies and there are heavily discounted packages if you are self-paying. Charity marathon runners receive a discount so make sure you say who you are running for when you get in touch.


A few testimonials to inspire you


‘I was told that I should never run again due to knee pain. I sought a second opinion and the consultant said this was nonsense and referred me to Lucy who he described as the best bio-mechanical physio he had ever come across. Within 10 minutes Lucy noticed something that all the physios and chiropractors I had seen previously had all missed. Lucy gave me simple but effective exercises and within a few sessions I was running again. I have been running pain free for over 6 months and it is all down to her skill and expertise.’ Justine Trumper

‘The first to take me seriously after seeing countless people. Having had knee problems for years now and seen countless people about it, Lucy has been the first to really take me seriously and tailor a training programme to my needs. I’m now feeling fitter than I have done in a long time.’ Josh Higgins

‘Lucy is an extremely experienced and talented physiotherapist. The vast majority of physios do not have her capabilities when it comes to healing complex patients back to full recovery. Lucy is one of the few physios with the required skills to see very complex cases who need really specialist physio input. Often these patients present with a mixed picture which, will typically go on to make a full recovery in Lucy’s hands, without the need for surgery or ’round the houses’ referrals to other therapists. Every single patient I have sent to Lucy has been made better by her and all have nothing but the highest praise for her skills.’ Leading Sports Consultant Doctor

‘I have known Lucy and her clinic for over seven years and I am happy to say that she is one of the most outstanding muscluloskeletal physiotherapists in London.’ Leading Orthopaedic Consultant

‘I injured my knee while training for the London marathon, 4 weeks before the big day. I assumed that I would have to drop out but a series of intensive sessions ensured that I ran the marathon without any problems. She got to the root of the problem quickly, applied expert treatment and gave fantastic advice. On top of this, her approach is bright, efficient and cheerful.’ Rob Allen

‘Cannot recommend enough. I was struggling with knee problems in training for a marathon, and was totally overwhelmed and confused about what to do and who to see. Lucy has been absolutely incredible, sorting out my knee INCREDIBLY EFFECTIVELY and QUICKLY but also reassuring and calming me – she understands that people running a marathon for charity have often gone through something, and that training is an emotional challenge as well as a physical one. She has been worth every penny and I urge you to go visit the clinic if you’re struggling with an injury!’ Alice James


If you would like more inspiration, check out the over 130 five star google reviews you can find if you google ‘Octopus Clinic’ or get in touch with Lucy and the OC team now for your free marathon guide by emailing or call 02075838288.

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