What other exercises should I be doing? By Marathon Physio Lucy Macdonald


What other exercises should I be doing?

Use the free online exercise videos you can find in the videos section of the website octopusclinic.com. Or simply put the number of the suggested exercises below into the search tool at the top of the website and off you go.

See the previous post for the top five stretches.


What are the most important muscle groups to work?

Strength training can help to prevent injury and improve performance. The most important muscle groups to work are:


Which exercises can help reduce my risk of injury?

Proprioception is the body’s positional sense and important way of reducing your risk of injury – videos 70-72 show you how.

Running technique and alignment exercises are also great to reduce risk of injury – check out video 25 as a starting point but this is where a session with a running specialist physio can be very helpful. Get in touch with Lucy and her team to find out more.


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