Lucy Matthews

Octopus Clinic was recommended to me by a friend who had been going to Hazel for many years. I started seeing Marni in November 2013.

I had entered the 2014 London Marathon in April. I was not a runner, in fact I hadn’t run a long distance in about 5-10 years. As I began my training, it soon became clear that I couldn’t even run 1 mile without severe shin splints and it was not a pain I could run through. ​Marni has an enthusiastic and intelligent approach, where you feel you are learning a lot at the same time as being treated. She assessed my running style, educated me on the best trainers and educated me on good alignment and bio-mechanics. We worked on weekly strengthening techniques building up other muscles etc, and with a lot of advice and regular physio sessions with Marni I was able to achieve 8,10,12 and then 20 miles by Feb/march.

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