Lucy Macdonald

Chartered Physiotherapist




Lucy Macdonald has developed an excellent reputation over the past eighteen years for successfully treating injuries that have been unsuccessfully treated elsewhere. Her patient’s inspiring testimonials include those from leading orthopaedic consultants and sports doctors and professional sports people but she is equally proud of those from her everyday patients, people who just want to get back to their beloved sport, sit comfortably at work or simply enjoy their lives.

Lucy is known for her honest and comprehensive communication and her ability to establish the cause of the problem and treat it directly. Her experience and extensive post-graduate training enable her to provide fast pain relief and injury resolution to enable swift accomplishment of individual goals from being able to pick up the kids, sit in a long meeting or do an Ironman triathlon.

‘This time last year I could barely get out of bed and move without pain killers and I was planning on running an Ultra Marathon…! I asked Lucy for help to get me to the start line. As part of my training I worked with Lucy to fix a back problem I have suffered with for the best part of 25 years. Lucy was just incredible, her knowledge of the musculoskeletal anatomy is just outstanding. She hardly laid a hand on me, importantly she taught me to reconnect to my body and gave me the tools and exercises to help myself. I had a few set backs but Lucy was always there to get me back on track. I have been to so many physios/ osteos etc with little success. It’s not too bigger claim to say that the treatment I got from Lucy has changed my life – I now live without constant pain…and I completed the Ultra Marathon! Thank you Lucy, you are just awesome!’




She has always been driven by a desire to enable individuals to fulfill their optimum potential. This, combined with her immense determination and dedication enables her to have high success rates with her patients that makes her love being a physio. It is also why she enjoys managing and training other Physiotherapists.

Lucy is passionate about informing and empowering people on how to live pain free lives so has produced and presented almost one hundred exercise videos, has written extensively on injury treatment and prevention, writes weekly blogs and contributes regularly to media including the BBC, Telegraph, Independent, Daily Mail, Mirror, Express, Times, and a variety of health and fitness publications.

Lucy enjoys public speaking on topics she feels passionate about which include pain management and prevention, running and marathon training, skiing and snowboarding and office health and gets excellent feedback from her presentations and workshops.  




Overall specialism: complex/chronic cases often where treatment has failed elsewhere (including hypermobility, tendons, and RSI)  

Body part specialisms: knees, shoulders, hips/groins, and backs.

Sports specialisms: running and marathon training, skiing, cycling, and racket sports.

Her specialism in snowsports’ injuries and performance started in Val D’Isere where she set up PhysioVal, worked with BASI, trained ski instructors, treating members of the GB team and wrote and presented BodyTechSki. Please go to the skiing and snowboarding section of this website to learn more.




Lucy uses hands-on techniques like joint manipulation, massage, acupuncture, and taping, all intelligently applied to release restrictive structures and mobilise stiff joints. This is combined with advanced rehabilitation skills to strengthen the muscles that are weak but most importantly, to get them working in the correct way to treat the cause of the problem. Her mantra is “it’s not what you do its how you do it that counts.”




Lucy became a Chartered Physiotherapist at Liverpool University 17 years ago (and still misses the Scouse sense of humour.) She decided she wanted to be a physio when she was thirteen years old and considers being a physio to be part of her identity. She is happiest hanging out with her (recently expanded) family, walking or skiing in the silence of the mountains, generating endorphins in her running shoes, letting her heart soar at live music events like the opera or WOMAD music festival, wiggling and whooping at her weekly Zumba classes, getting wound up in a political discussion over a glass of wine, laughing her head off at stand up comedy, dancing under the light of the moon or having a good chin wag with her mates.

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