Jemma Oliver

Chartered Physiotherapist

If you have a sports injury or have recently had an operation, if you would like to be treated by someone who also treats international athletes and professional sports people and if would like a hands-on approach, then Jemma Oliver is who you need to see. Here is one of her many five-star google reviews:

‘Facilities are excellent, and the staff and service are second to none. Been going here for several weeks for knee rehabilitation. Through a combination of gym work, massages, and acupuncture I’ve been able to improve strength and flexibility and ultimately avoided a more serious operation. Jemma (physio) is friendly and very knowledgeable, and the setup and communication of the practice generally helps to maintain that focus and drive. I can’t recommend this practice more than enough.’

Jemma currently works for England and British Athletics and Wales Hockey. Over the past eight years she has worked with a number of different sports, teams, training camps and events all over the world, including GB Volleyball, GB Bobsleigh, professional cycling and basketball. She is proud to have been part of the medical team for London 2012.  Jemma was also a Team England physiotherapist with Athletics for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games and the 2018 games in the Australian Gold Coast.

Jemma qualified from Sheffield Hallam in 2007 following a degree in Exercise Science.  She specializes in sports injuries and lower limb rehabilitation and combines skills and experience from elite sport to everyday injuries and problems. 

Jemma has a strong rehabilitation background which started at RAF Cranwell where she worked with the Officer Cadet Training programme onsite.  Following this, she went on to complete an MSc in Sports Injury Management and continues to apply these principles with all her patients.

Jemma has a passion for functional movement and believes that communication, self-belief and whole body conditioning have a strong part to play in alleviating pain, solving long-standing issues and providing lasting relief from pain and helping prevent reoccurring issues.

Outside the sporting world Jemma has also worked in the film industry and within TV production but has yet failed to be swept down the red carpet and obtain the glamorous life style… here’s hoping!

Out of work she enjoys ‘running’ (gentle jogging) with gym work and loves exploring old parts of London and hidden gems within the city.  She travels home to visit her northern family incluing her young neices and nephews often and loves visiting her friends in Australia and New York whenever she can.


Did You Know?

  • Will I Am gave Jemma a high five on her birthday
  • She was once hit by a motorcycle and successfully bounced without breaking a bone
  • Jemma had an embarrassing incident with an ‘automatic’ toilet door on a Virgin Train
  • She has met Usain Bolt and Seb Coe…. Seb Coe was more awesome!
  • Turned down, a now very famous, gymnast post-Commonwealth Games and regrets it to this day!

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