Anna Aydinc

Registered Osteopath

Anna graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2010 with a Masters in Osteopathy and worked at both a London NHS surgery and private sports clinic where she saw all patients from new-born to old age, office workers to high-level martial artists.

Anna has a structural approach to musculoskeletal pain with an interest in visceral osteopathy.

Visceral Osteopathy explores the dynamic of motion between organs and the skeletal frame along their ligamentous, membranous and fascial connections. Mobilising the viscera using gentle techniques can further assist in the release of spinal and joint restrictions and works very well used together with the structural model.

In her treatments Anna uses joint manipulations, soft tissue and muscle energy techniques as well as visceral and fascial techniques where appropriate. For her, structural treatment includes both musculoskeletal and visceral structures to help inform her 3D understanding of the area of pain or dysfunction. Anna regularly attends CPD courses in this field especially looking in depth at the pelvis, abdomen and diaphragm.

By incorporating the different styles of osteopathic treatment modalities she has a holistic understanding of her patients and their presenting symptoms. She is passionate in giving them her best care and getting them back to doing the things they love as soon as possible.

She grew up in Bonn, Germany around the corner from Beethoven’s birth house. After traveling extensively in the East and Australasia she settled in the UK.

Did you know?!

* Anna once bought a camel and traveled with it through Rajasthan and even got a mention in the Lonely Planet guide book for it.

* Anna met her husband at a bus stop at Bondi Beach, Sydney

* Anna had her second child accidentally at home

* Can’t live without liquorice.

* Has not swam in open waters since watching Jaws as a teenager as always worried something will want to eat her

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