Octopus Clinic Policy on Coronavirus


Have you travelled recently?

If you have travelled from China, Thailand, Japan, Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, South Korea, Iran or Northern Italy in the last 14 days please follow the UK government advice which is updated at 2pm every day on their website here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/wuhan-novel-coronavirus-information-for-the-public


Do you have any symptoms?

The NHS website contains all the updated information you need on the symptoms to look out for and advice on what do to if you think you might have it. Please follow this link for more information: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/


Safeguarding our Patients

Octopus Clinic continues to adhere to high standards of hygiene including daily professional cleaners and vigilant hand washing. As an additional measure we are no longer using couch covers and we apologise for any reduction in comfort this causes. We change pillow covers and towels daily and use paper towels over the pillows and treatment plinths. We use antibacterial spray before anyone uses the breathing holes in the treatment couches.

We ask all of our patients to wash their hands on entering the clinic and when they leave.

We also have antiseptic gels, sprays and wipes available for use.


Video Based Consultations 

If you think you may have a period of time working from home or self isolating we wanted to reassure you that we will be able to continue your treatment using video consultations using Whatsapp, Facetime or Skype. This will enable you to continue to progress your treatment, reduce your pain and fulfil the goals you outlined in your first session.
We do this by teaching you specific exercises to correct your biomechanics, strengthen weak muscles and improve your alignment. Some of these will be selected from the exercise library on our website and others we will demonstrate and practice together by video link. All of this can be done in your home as long as you have good internet access. 


Get in touch

If you are immuno-suppressed or have any concerns about your visits to Octopus Clinic, please do not hesitate to get in touch. lucy@octopusclinic.com


Lucy Macdonald

Octopus Clinic Director

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