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I’ve just finished the last of the training days I do for eight charities to support their running teams through their marathon training. We do a presentation, Q and A session and get them all up and correcting some common biomechanical problems that can lead at best to underperformance and, at worse, injury. The most important part of the sessions is to inspire them and reassure them that they can do it with a determined but flexible approach.

I also follow it up with advice articles and videos that I share on social media, for example, this one on marathon training myths, provide lots of free advice by email, and provide the document ‘Your Marathon: Everything you need to know’ for free to charity marathon runners.


Are you a charity marathon runner? 

If you’d like me to send me the info pack I give out for free to anyone running a marathon for charity please email me, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and don’t forget you get 10% off all your treatments (we are also registered with all medical insurance companies if that helps.)


Do you work for a charity? 

If you know any charities who would be interested in learning about the free support packages Iwe provide charities please also get in touch at, or call 02075838288.

In the meantime here are some videos and photos taken at some of the events… enjoy! 


Lucy giving her top three tips at the end of the WhizzKidz event this year

Lucy giving her top five tips at the end of the Anthony Nolan event last year

Lucy in full flow 

Lucy and Jemma in full flow 

Lucy London Marathon

Lucy after completing the London Marathon


An example of one of Lucy’s advice videos shared on social media above and an example of a favorite running video below:


25 – Lower Limb Alignment: Running Man

Please get in touch for more information at or Or you can call 02075838288.

We look forward to supporting you. 


Lucy Macdonald and the Octopus Clinic Team


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