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As Physiotherapists and Osteopaths, it is a great privilege to work with other health and fitness professionals top of their field. During the first phone conversation I had with Phil Roberton many moons ago, I quickly realised that this was one such person. What gives it away is the passion and dedication he has to enable people to fulfill their potential. His drive seems to comes from his heart as well as being grounded in years of experience and qualifications. Here is more about Phil…


Phil Roberton:  Fitness Professional, Marathon Specialist


Phil Roberton is a coach who is passionate about helping individuals find fulfillment in every aspect of their lives.  Works exclusively with a number of charities and their 3,000 Virgin Money London Marathon runners, with the goal of reducing dropout rates and incentivizing higher levels of fundraising.


He does this through the 12 years of involvement with the event, the understanding of the individuals involved, and educating them around his concept of PreFormance®.  Preparing the body & mind for the lifestyle demands of getting to the start line. Nutrition, strength & conditioning, intelligent training, recovery, breathing, and other protocols. Training for a running event isn’t just about running.  Neither is crossing the finishing line the hardest one to cross.


He uses the event as a platform to inspire people to find Purpose, create Balance, and to Change the World.




Sports Science BSc / Level 5 Biomechanics Coach / NLP Practitioner




Work Smart, Play Hard, Dad Harder


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