Be Pain Free and Productive at Work: Workshops by Specialist Physiotherapist


Prevent pain, boost productivity, comply to regulations and save money.


Pain is distracting at best, can disrupt your ability to work and can destroy your productivity. However, with just a two-hour workshop we can show you how to avoid all this suffering, boost productivity and prevent you wasting valuable time and money from absenteeism.

By holding one of our ‘Be pain free and productive at work’ workshops in your office, held by an experienced Physiotherapist, you and your team can get all the information you need in an extremely cost-effective way. You can save thousands of pounds on 1:1 work station assessments as well as saving money from absenteeism, whilst simultaneously making sure you comply to the latest DSE Regulations and ensuring the welfare of your team.

We cover the theory as well getting you and your team moving so that you have immediate skills and knowledge that can be applied directly to workstations whether you have a static desk, are hot-desking or working from home. Your team will learn how to sit properly and arrange their equipment around them as well as exercises they can do in the office.

We also provide written advice brochures and free online exercise videos.

Our standard prices are £537 per 2 hour workshop but we are happy to provide tailored quotes. Please email us at or call 02075838288.

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