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Jobs and Team Testimonials

Come and join our team, we are recruiting!

Contrary to all business textbooks we don’t ‘start with the customer’, that’s because we put staff first. We have learnt that having highly trained staff with full support, equipment and the space to work professionally is the most effective way to make sure we deliver top care for our patients.

Really listening to patients is important not just to make an accurate diagnosis and get rid of pain efficiently, but also to establish exactly what an individual wants to achieve. It is very difficult to be perceptive to others if stressed. We therefore believe that supporting staff, providing CPD and ensuring a good work-life balance is of utmost importance in any clinic.

In return we expect hard work, pride in making people better the fastest way possible and dedication to the clinic and the team.

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    Current Vacancies

  • Physiotherapist

    We are looking for a physiotherapists either part-time or full time starting as soon as possible in our Blackfriars, Holborn and/or Fleet Street Clinics. 

    Essentials: Five years minimum experience including private practice, a passion for learning and expanding manual and rehab skills, a desire to be part of a caring team and a dedication to providing clinical excellence.

    Check out our staff testimonials below and the team pages of our website to learn more about us. 

    Please send your CV to We look forward to hearing from you.

    Please send your CV to if you are interested or have any queries.

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    Team Testimonials

  • I worked for Lucy for 18 months and she was a friendly, bubbly and energetic boss to have. She encouraged me to develop professionally, by being supportive, knowledgeable, and encouraging me to think outside the box. She had a great rapport with patients and other staff members.”

    Natalie Bitter, Chartered Physiotherapist
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  • ‘Lucy was a wonderful manager, very approachable, organised and friendly. Totally committed to her patients and staff. She always tries to understand what motivates people and to see the bigger picture. It was a pleasure to work with Lucy and I would recommend her as a great physiotherapist, a fantastic manager and a lovely person.”

    Glen Robbins, Chartered Physiotherapist
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  • “Lucy makes a great clinic director because of her empathy and passion for people- staff and patients alike, openness to sharing and talking about new ideas- be that treatment of patients, professional networking or a crazy night out! On top of that Lucy is fun, quirky and an awesome, passionate physio!”

    Jaydn Nixon, Chartered Physiotherapist
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  • “I have worked in the Physiotherapy industry for over 10 years and in that time I had the pleasure of working with Lucy for a couple of years as her Practice Manager. I really enjoyed my time working with her, her quirky ways, her amazing physio and business skills make her an ideal boss. When you are running a really busy physio clinic it is very easy to get caught up in the $$ figures, as obviously that is what is needed to keep the doors open. Lucy is not one of those people. Her number one priority is patients and their care. She also loves working with her staff, bringing out the best in them and guiding them along the way to their full potential. Lucy has loads of experience in her industry and I think this is what makes her so great at her job. If I lived in London again I would A) see her as my physio and B) beg her for a job on her admin team.”

    Amanda Ellison
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  • “Lucy has a great ability to see the potential in a person before they realise it themselves. I found that Lucy was very encouraging and supportive of my learning needs, in fact she was passionate about the whole team’s development. She was also very much in touch with staff and clients’ holistic needs. In the competitive world of physiotherapy it is very important to have a manager who nurtures their team members- for the good of the service, but also for happy, secure and clinically excellent practitioners. Lucy was brilliant at this.”

    Jané du Toit, Chartered Physiotherapist
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  • “Anytime that I feel I need clinical advice both Hazel and Lucy are really approachable and give their time, whether its talking through patient cases, learning a particular technique or doing a joint assessment. They provide me with new ideas which has hugely enhanced my knowledge and experience and their excellent reputation with consultants is really inspiring. Their specialisms in biomechanics has changed my practice in a groundbreaking way. The training in hands on techniques, practical tips and sports specific rehab offered in our weekly CPD sessions has enhanced my clinical skills.”

    Marni Cochrane, Chartered Physiotherapist
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