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Within this section you will find information about some of the common injuries that we come across regularly. If we do not cover your specific problem and you would like advice, please call or email us.

We have also covered sports specific advice, a number of exercises, self-help tips and advice on things like stretching and posture. You can browse these in the drop down menu above or by following the links below. 


Pain and injury location




Personal Circumstance:



Stretching; Dynamic vs static stretching; Sitting posture for back pain, hip pain, shoulder and neck pain and headaches; Pelvic neutral for low back pain, hip pain etc; Deep core muscles for any back pain, hip pain, knee pain, sports performance; Neck posture for neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches; Thoracic spine or upper back exercises for low back, mid back, neck and shoulder pain and sports performance; Leg alignment, hip strengthening, knee cap tracking exercise for hip pain, back pain and knee pain; ITB and TFL release for hip and knee pain; Proprioception and balance for ankle, foot, hip, knee and back injuries and sports performance; Foot and ankle exercises including correction of flat foot, over-pronation and Achilles tendinopathy exercises; Shoulder exercises.


Please note that although the advice and exercises provided are designed to assist your recovery, they are not a replacement for seeing a Physiotherapist or Osteopath. It is essential that you ALWAYS make sure you see your Doctor, Osteopath or Chartered Physiotherapist beforehand to diagnose your injury and guide you through recovery.

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